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Life of a Medical Officer – Part 2 (Measles Vaccination at Pal)

Hello everybody,

As mentioned earlier, we did ‘Measles Catch-Up Campaign’ Vaccination program successfully. But unfortunately, I was (/am) not in a condition to type a post, both due to health related issues and to monitor other national health-programs and their meetings. So, even today, I will try my best to let you visit the Pal, by pictures only. I hope, by the end of this post, some of the readers will get to know, what we used to go through ( irrespective of speeches of media and government).

Since, in previous attempt, our jeep got stuck at beginning point. We planned to take our bikes too. I and 2 of my male nurses approached towards Pal from 3 different directions. One other male nurse brought his bike into the pick-up van. Not to be forgotten, this is the same van in which my staff traveled for 14 days for vaccination. This was the best I could arrange, with the given funds –

N.B. – All the pictures I am posting here , are taken by me,while I was monitoring.  They represent the journey of one of the EASIEST pathway. My other bikers (staff) picked up the difficult ones, as they were driving at those places since years (there were 10 more difficult sites than this). Unfortunately they didn’t have the camera phone, to take pics.


And, the journey begins (where our jeep stuck last time)…

Video of the same place –


Video – Me driving through the site, where our Pick-Up Van stuck, last time.


Video – Bike driving on Highways of Pal


Video – Bike driving in Neutral (at some places of the video, you can note the Green Neutral light)


Site in the following picture is the same, where my bike got stuck and damaged last time. After 8 weeks of no-rains, it was comparatively easier to cross…

In the morning, when we started our journey, one of GNM was with me on the bike, so he could record the video of the above place



And the journey continues…

The places in the  following pictures, are the most scariest places for me, from entire journey..


I and 3 other staff had to cross 7 such streams (can’t think of, what others had gone through)

So, Who want to have a walk with me in it ?

The Solar Plant in the PAL, which is not functional at the moment, due to very poor maintenance –

Moving ahead, one of the tractor slipped from the site in the following picture, day before our program. I too had to do, a lot of  efforts to cross my bike. So, I recorded a video of our van too.

Video –


Right or Left? I was lost like this, 6-8 times in two days. There were no villagers or any help in the perimeter of 2 kms. So, I had to guess a direction; later some Intelligent person guided me to move towards a particular Cloud. But most of time, that cloud also, seemed lost.


After doing my best, I could vaccinate 75% of target children. But, now, I am under lot of pressure to achieve the target 100% anyhow. This is where, forgery starts. Either you report 100% or get punished with Repeat activity on my own expenses. Already, I have spent, last month’s whole payment for the success of this program (Don’t expect from Govt., it knows its work pretty well, i.e. how to fool).  Same is with my staff. But Not Again. So, still searching for some acceptable excuse 🙁

Don’t think a Medical Officer can rest now. One M (Measles) is over; another is waiting Malaria (Crash program – door-to-door survey) and other seasonal diseases too.

Note that, I am not saying that my area is the toughest site, I simply tried to explain my area with help of some pics. There are many more very difficult sites, even in Pratapgarh itself, where Medical Officers are working very hard.


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